Muscle for Life: Get Lean, Strong, and Healthy at Any Age!

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
7 hours 48 minutes
A “must-read” (Mark Divine, New York Times bestselling author) fitness book for men and women over forty from bestselling author and trainer Michael Matthews.

Is this a workout book that can make you look and feel like you’re twenty again in thirty days flat? Is it a fitness book full of diet and exercise “hacks” and “shortcuts” for gaining lean muscle and melting belly fat faster than a sneeze in a cyclone? Absolutely not.

But is it an exercise and nutrition book that’ll guide you on how to eat and exercise to lose pounds of fat and gain eye-catching amounts of muscle definition and strength? YES.

Muscle building and fat loss after forty aren’t nearly as complicated as you’ve been led to believe, and Muscle for Life is the go-to, comprehensive guide for anyone looking to permanently achieve and maintain their best body. Backed by over three hundred peer-reviewed scientific studies that support the Muscle for Life system of eating and exercising, this book offers a realistic and accessible starting point.

You can get a fit, lean, and strong body no matter your age or circumstances, and you can do it without following a bland diet and without living in the gym doing exhausting workouts you hate. Just pick up this comprehensive guide from “one of the most informed, intelligent and experienced fitness gurus on the face of the planet” (Ben Greenfield, New York Times bestselling author) and discover how you can finally be at your best for life.
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