The Nameless: The Complete Series (Books 1–4)

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
48 hours 23 minutes
To survive hell, you must make a deal with the devil …

In a city of thirty million, Ryan Connors thought he could vanish into the shadows and escape his old life to grieve the loss of his wife and son. But when the young daughter of one of his closest friends is kidnapped, he must reunite with his former extraction and recon team—The Nameless— and find those responsible.

As Ryan and his team begin to unravel a deep, macabre plot that goes far beyond a missing girl, they quickly realize that it threatens the entire world. With the clock ticking and choices limited, The Nameless begin a desperate fight to fulfill their oath of being the beacons in the darkness.

With enemies from the past reemerging, the agents of LK3 will be tested in ways unimaginable as they fight to stop the sinister plan that could doom humanity to an apocalyptic future.
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