Nantucket Neighbors

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
5 hours 20 minutes
Meet widow Lisa Hodges, the owner of the new waterfront bed and breakfast, which she opened after discovering her deceased husband was hiding gambling debts.

She's loving it so far. Lisa's first guest, restaurant owner Rhett Byrne quickly became a close friend and then something more. In her early fifties, it sounds strange to her to call him her boyfriend, but that's what he is.

Her daughter Kristen finally ended things with Sean, the separated man that no one in the family was excited about. It wasn't until she was beginning to move on that he filed for divorce—and then begged her for another chance.

Chase, the only boy in the family, has never been serious about anyone before. But he's suddenly withdrawn and has been secretive about who he's seeing, which only makes everyone that much more curious. When they learn who it is, the concern grows as no one wants to see Chase hurt again.

Lisa's best friend Paige has a new neighbor too, and it's one she is most decidedly not enthused about. Violet was one of the women who stood up at the town meeting and protested against Lisa's inn being approved by the selectman. Because the house is right next door, Paige can't help but notice the steady stream of traffic. Violet seems to be very popular with a lot of people.

The inn is doing well and bookings are up, but then one Friday night a guest that prepaid for the weekend never shows up. And quite a few people, including the police, come asking questions.
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Tracey G.

I am enjoying this series of books because they are light and easy and the narrator’s voice is soothing. I didn’t realize how much I needed this sort of read until I started the first book of the series. I was more uptight because of the pandemic then I thought. This series is beautifully written and beautifully read in audible. The setting, the characters and their experiences hold your attention and keep you wanting more.

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Loving the series! Such a fun, uplifting read!

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Karen H.

Nice, easy read. Wonderful to get lost in the story. Makes me want to visit Nantucket.

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