The Necromancer goes to Jail

The Necromancer goes to Jail

Written by:
Rachel Lawson
Narrated by:
Rachel Lawson
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Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
0 hours 19 minutes
'I hear you could break out of jail if you wanted to,' said the guard.'Yes it's easy but where's the fun in that,' said Lance smiling impishly.'What fun can you have in jail?' asked the Kingpin.'Not been here long enough for it to be a bore yet,' Lance said who was having fun messing with their minds.

'I will not do it!' Lance Alexander to his uncle Sergeant Simon Alexander-Drax.

'It's alright! You won't be there long!' said his uncle.

'Then you go there!' said Lance shortly.

Lance's dad the coroner walked into the room.

'I can't!' said Lance digging his boots into the floor.

'You can't what?' asked Blake Alexander, Lance's dad.

'I can't go to prison as the Necromancer,' said Lance.

'Why can't you,' asked his uncle.

'Do you think he's the Necromancer?' asked Blake.

'Of course not we need a man we can trust on the inside who can pose as the Necromancer to entrap a prison kingpin,' said Simon.

'You planning to come out as dead are you?' asked Lance not threatening just stating a fact the father of the Necromancer was Mortimer the grim reaper, King.

'I am not going to be around for that,' said Blake planning a holiday in hell when Lance came out as the Necromancer a serial killer.

'Where are you going?' asked Blake's Uncle.

'Never you mind,' said Blake.

'He's a coward,' said Lance.

'No would you be in my place I can't be deposed as emperor of the solar system if I'm not there,' Blake said.

'Didn't think of that,' said Simon.

'I'll do it,' said Lance defiantly thinking how much of a problem it would be to his father.
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