Never a Dragon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2021
8 hours 29 minutes
Dragons used to rule the world; those days are over. But humans, mages, and dragons have just begun learning to co-exist without conflict.

Kylara Diamantine has never met another dragon. Raised by her mother apart from the rest of their society without any idea why, she's always been curious about the rest of their species. She wants to get out there, to meet other dragons, to explore! To stretch her wings. Literally.

Be careful what you wish for, they say. They're right.

After a devastating magical attack on their home leaves Ky's mother missing, she's placed at a special school for her protection. A school for dragons-but this year, for the first time, mages will be attending alongside their scaley fellow students to learn more about magic and draconic powers.

The attacker who stole away Kylara's mother isn't finished yet and turns up the heat on the school. Ky's dragon powers keep growing in mysterious ways, but will even that be enough to save her?

Ky is a stranger in a place she doesn't know, under attack and desperate to find her missing mother. She'll need all her courage and strength to survive the tests ahead of her.
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Kenneth M.

Definitely a great start to an amazing series! If you enjoyed The Steel Dragon series, you will probably love this!

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Sarah McKevitt

This is the second series in the Steel Dragon Universe - the first series focuses on Kristen Hall, the Steel Dragon. This series is set after Kristen's story but you don't need to read/listen to that series first, but I do highly recommend you do. Kylara's and Hester's lives in seclusion are destroyed when a mysterious fire being follows Hester home one day so they go on the run, seeing their home burn down to the ground. Hester goes after the mysterious being and tells Kylara to head to the nearest dragon base for safety. Once there, she explains what happened and meets Kristen, the Steel Dragon. Kristen sends Kylara off to the local Dragon School where she should be safe. Once there, she meets other dragon students as well as mages - some are nice and some are most definitely not. She learns more about dragons and mages, and as time goes on, she finds she's developing other powers. She seems to be an anomoly having powers of different natures. Then the attacks start on the school.... and Kylara eventually finds out who and what she is. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will definitely be listening to the rest of the series as they become available. The narration was great too - this is the first time I have listened to this narrator and really enjoyed listening to her as she brought the story to life. Highly recommend.

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Craig H.

Kylara has been raised by her mother alone with no friends and home-schooled and a teenager, so you know she will always follow moms rules. When mom is away she decides to stretch her wings and fly, as you would expect from a dragon. Ky always has wondered why her mom has told her not to meet other dragons, but nothing bad will happen right. This book is based in the Steel Dragon universe, but can be jumped into without any issues. An enjoyable book to sit back and listen to and experience the world from a dragons point of view.

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Bryan Tanner

This is an awesome start to a new series. Great characters. Their growth and interactions make for a great read/ listen. I cannot wa air for the next book.

Never a Dragon
This title is due for release on March 23, 2021.

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Never a Dragon
This title is due for release on March 23, 2021
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Never a Dragon
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Never a Dragon

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