Never Get Angry Again: The Foolproof Way to Stay Calm and in Control in Any Conversation or Situation

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2018
5 hours 32 minutes
Never Get Angry Again, by New York Times and internationally bestselling author David J. Lieberman, is a comprehensive, holistic look at the underlying emotional, physical, and spiritual causes of anger, and a practical guide to what the listener can do to gain perspective.

David J. Lieberman understands that a change in perspective is all that is needed to help keep from flying off the handle. In Never Get Angry Again, he reveals how to see anger through a comprehensive, holistic lens, illuminates the underlying emotional, spiritual, and physical components of anger, and gives the listeners simple, practical tools to snuff out anger before it even occurs.

Take a deep breath and count to ten. Meditate. Visualize your happy place.

You’ve probably heard all of these anger management techniques and more from friends, family, and experts, but somehow they miss the mark when it comes to coping with the complex emotion of anger.

Let’s face it: if anger-management techniques were effective, you wouldn’t be listening to this audiobook. These clumsy attempts to maintain calmness are usually futile and sometimes emotionally draining. The fact is, either something bothers us (causing anxiety, frustration, or anger), or it doesn’t. A state of calm is better accomplished by not becoming agitated in the first place. When we fight the urge to blow up or melt down, we fight against our own nature.
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Darren S.

This book is much more than a guide to staying calm when you're feeling angry, it's a guide on how to live your life and improve it. I had about a dozen aha moments while reading this. My sense of self respect, my self assurance, my behaviors, and my relationships have all improved immensely since absorbing this information and incorporating it into my life. I am going to listen to it again. I love this book and highly recommend it!

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Jason R.

great book! I'd want to listen to it again as it has so much information!

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Mary T.

Wise words. Lieberman does mention God - so a belief in a higher power is helpful to take on his way of rationalising.

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Kelly M.

Kind of tuned out a lot. Had some good points also but I felt it was a lot of stuff that is taught in other books or forums.

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