Nine Lives and Counting: A Bounty Hunter’s Journey to Faith, Hope, and Redemption

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
5 hours 54 minutes
Includes an audiobook-exclusive introduction from the author.

Go behind-the-scenes with Duane 'Dog' Chapman, star of the hit reality show Dog the Bounty Hunter and two-time New York Times bestselling author, as he shares new stories about his faith in Jesus, family, and the discovery of God's grace at work throughout his life.

From being in a motorcycle gang, to being incarcerated, and then becoming a widely-know TV personality, Duane's life has been anything but ordinary. But, through every success and failure, the one constant has been his faith in God. For the first time, Daune is sharing how his faith has brought him through life's greatest difficulties, giving him renewed purpose and meaning.

In Nine Lives and Counting Duane offers fresh insight into some of his well-known life events, and he also gives you access to previously untold stories. You will hear about:

- memories of the painful events that shaped Duane's childhood,
- the impact of his relationship with his praying mother,
- the surprising hope he found in prison,
- triumphs and failures from his days as a single dad,
- new previously untold stories of bounty hunting,
- the tragic loss of his beloved wife Beth to cancer,
- the unexpected blessing of finding his new wife Francie,
- the work he and Francie are doing to preach and share about Jesus,
- his relationship with his kids and family,
- and much more.


With all the plot twists of a page-turning novel, Nine Lives and Counting is a real-life chronicle of God's amazing grace and restoration that have marked Duane's journey of faith. You will be inspired.

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