The Northern Wolf Series: Books 1–5

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
50 hours 28 minutes
The complete Northern Wolf series, over forty hours of award-winning military historical fiction, is now available in one box set. A broken man will be forged in the flames of war.

Johannes Wolf. Immigrant. Soldier. Unlikely hero. Wolf’s company is made up of men willing to do the dirty work needed to win the war that divided America. Ride through the American Civil War with Wolf’s motley crew of daring Union raiders and enjoy fast-paced, non-stop war fiction at the pointy end of a saber!

Northern Wolf - A maimed young man with no prospects swindles his way into the Army of the Potomac. Along with a host of green recruits, he is placed into the Michigan Cavalry Brigade. Riding for Gettysburg, they find themselves holding the rear of the Union line and end up face-to-face with J. E. B. Stuart and his Invincibles.

Northern Hunt - Johannes Wolf has made a crucial mistake. He’s volunteered for a secret raid and drags his platoon of misfits along with him. They fall under the command of Colonel Ulric Dahlgren and set out on a quest for redemption and vengeance that will strike at the head of the Southern Cause.

Northern Blood - In the spring of 1864, a daring raid is devised to draw the Confederate cavalry into a winner-take-all showdown. The Union needs a group of soldiers just brazen enough to do it—or die trying. Libby Prison’s most recent escapee, Johannes Wolf, and his unit of misfits might just be the ones to get the job done—if the Red Shirts don’t kill them first at a dilapidated inn known only as the Yellow Tavern.

Northern Dawn - A promoted Wolf finds himself in the hot seat of the largest all-cavalry battle of the war near Trevilian Station. Isolated and surrounded, can they survive the coming Southern storm? Or will they be overrun and annihilated, a mere footnote in history?

Northern Shadows - With the surrender of Robert E. Lee, Wolf’s war isn’t over. Diehard rebels still operate in the field, led by the secret organization the Knights of the Golden Circle. Their plot? Kill the president and let the war rage on. Wolf and his men rush to Washington, DC, to meet the enemy head-on. But these foes do not march and fight as armies do; they lurk in the shadows, waiting to strike.
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