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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2014
7 hours 53 minutes
What happens when the haggling is done and the shops are closed? When the quest has been given, the steeds saddled, and the adventurers are off to their next encounter? They keep the world running, the food cooked, and the horses shoed, yet what adventurer has ever spared a thought or concern for the Non-Player Characters?

In the town of Maplebark, four such NPCs settle in for a night of actively ignoring the adventurers drinking in the tavern when things go quickly and fatally awry. Once the dust settles, these four find themselves faced with an impossible choice: pretend to be adventurers undertaking a task of near-certain death or see their town and loved ones destroyed. Armed only with salvaged equipment, secondhand knowledge, and a secret that could get them killed, it will take all manner of miracles if they hope to pull off their charade. And even if they succeed, the deadliest part of their journey may well be what awaits them at its end.
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I had heard this was a good book. It was surprisingly fun as well. I like the presentation and being familiar with role-playing games enjoyed the back and forth of the game world and the real world. It was a deceivingly simple story with cleave game and story elements that resulted in an perception-altering magical world. I liked it. I recommend it. We will just have to see if the series continues this understated fun fiction.

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Lee W.

I ignored the Anonymous ** REVIEW (who would give any credence to a No Name criticism)? I had no idea what an NPC signified, but I began listening anyway. I usually do something else while listening, but at times I stopped what I was doing to listen. So saying...I definitely enjoyed the story and the narration. I have started to listen to another book by the same author. I think it is well written and well narrated. Give it a listen I think you will pleasantly surprised!

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Erin M.

Fun story, though if those were my players, the game wouldn’t have lasted past session 1.

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jumped into the story too fast I just don't care about the characters. they are impossible situations every two minutes listening to 2 or more inner monologues from characters as they are going to "die". poor narration also does not help. feels like a first draft with no revisions.

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Alexander A.

If you like LitRPG, you'd probably enjoy this too.

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Amanda S

Really like the concept of the dnd type story. Well written and fun. The narrator also does well with so many characters

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Dante Gilbert

great story, if you enjoy d&d/pathfinder, this is a great concept

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A fun listen!

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Jason F.

A cool take on this genre. I'm looking forward for the next book.

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Brenda L.

Good listen, interesting characters, Narrator has a pleasant voice

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cody a

Great book, narration or tech made it hard to listen to

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