The Numbers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
9 hours 32 minutes
The electrifying prequel and perfect introduction to the bestselling and fan-favorite Thomas Prescott series, with over 1.3 million downloads and 10,000+ five-star ratings on Amazon and Goodreads!

After getting canned from the Seattle PD, brilliant, wisecracking Thomas Prescott follows his sister Lacy to Philadelphia, where she swims on the Drexel University team. While Thomas’s slapstick antics mask a keen analytic mind, it’s his nose for trouble that leads him again and again into dicey situations. The ex–homicide detective is not long in Philly before getting caught up in two high-powered criminal cases.

Thomas stumbles into a crime scene amid the Occupy Philadelphia protests. Activist Brooke Wexley has been strangled within sight of city hall. While demonstrating against economic inequality, the college student hid her own family’s wealthy background. The über-rich Wexleys have many dark secrets—one of which may have led to Brooke’s violent death.

Thomas is also called to join an emergency multiagency task force on the trail of a prolific serial killer who leaves gruesome calling cards: a three-digit number carved on each of his many victims. It’s when Thomas realizes the murders are linked to the Numbers—the old illegal street lottery—that his investigation shifts into high gear. The trail jumps back to the past before rushing back to the present like a tsunami of fire, bent on revenge.

Amid all this, Lacy has a health scare, and Thomas’s priorities shift. Encountering gambling church ladies, felonious businessmen, and murderous mobsters—with an investigation hampered by a competitive colleague and Lacy’s narcoleptic pug—Thomas must summon all his considerable powers to root out the guilty and dangerous while caring for his adored sister.

Reader’s Note: This book takes place when Thomas Prescott is thirty years old (three years before the events of Unforeseen). If you are new to the Thomas Prescott series, this is the perfect place to start!
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Lauren E

I really enjoyed this book! A lot of plot twists, liked Prescott’s wit and it was a fun story to follow. Narration was great. I will definitely read more in this series.

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Roxann W.

Little slow at first, good story overall. Would read another Pirog book. love the narrator, but need more inflections.

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Susan K.

Lots of action and plot twists. I love this book. The narration was good also.

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Reuben B.

Fun book! Lots of twists and turns and a fast and interesting pace. I knocked off a star because there are a lot of plot devices that made me go huh? And broke me out of the story altogether.

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Kenneth D.

I never really understood the Numbers game. It was good read and it was hard to follow

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Worth a credit. Good action packed story with enough mystery to keep you listening. Murders, but nothing overly graphic or sexual, which I prefer. I do recommend this book, and I will probably listen to more books by this author. The narrator was also good. His voice kind of reminded me of Kasey Kasem (sp?).

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Bill R.

I loved this book! Good story, action packed and the narration of the characters, especially Thomas Prescott was awesome.

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Barry I.

Ok...a typical detective style read

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Marcel L.

Initially, I thought the storyline was a bit weird, and the narrator's voice somewhat difficult to listen, but soon both grew on me and the book was really a good listen. And the humour also grows on you so that you end up listening with a constant smile on your face.

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Darlene S.

Very enjoyable fun book to listen to. Narrator has a great voice . And read the book well .

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I enjoyed the hunor interspersed throughout the novel. The character felt very real and held my attention.

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Jack B.

Too outside the box. Protagonist would be in jail and sued for his actions. I liked the characters and the dialogue but the action was not believable.

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Zachary H.

I absolutely loved this book. I've never heard of this author, but I'm hooked now! and I think johnny Heller did an amazing job with the narration! I found a book set for the next 4 books in this Thomas Prescott series, and that's what I'll use my next credit on! I will highly recommend this book, author, and narrator!

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Good listen

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Safa C.

Well written storyline, great narration! Throughly enjoyed listening to it!

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Great story! Lots of funny moments. Thoroughly enjoyed

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Super Sapper

Excellent! I enjoyed this book. The story was excellent with some humour too.

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Judi Jeanotte

It was so much fun listening to Thomas Prescott unravel these murders! I love his sense of humor and the way he comes up with a theory, then is able to validate. Most mysteries, I can figure out the culprit, but Mr Pirog always has surprises supported with a logic I didn't see coming I can't wait for another Prescott book

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