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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
17 hours 17 minutes
Mortiche-home of the famous knighthood, land of oaths of fidelity and honor, and the lone sovereign nation still standing against the armies of Sevairn. Kenton, Daniella, and their group of godbearers take refuge here as they search for the next of the godstones, holy receptacles where the gods themselves have been housed for millennia.

In the land of the noble and brave, Kenton hopes they will find safe harbor, but the dictator of Sevairn is seeking their blood, and his spies are as numerous as his reach is long. Wherever the godbearers go, miracles follow, but so do those who seek to stop them from accomplishing their task.

As dark forces close in around them, Kenton fears it may not be a spy who betrays them.

It may instead be one of their own.
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