The Old Martians

The Old Martians

Written by:
Rog Phillips
Narrated by:
Scott Miller
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
0 hours 33 minutes
The OLD MARTIANS by Rog Phillips - They opened the ruins to tourists at a dollar a head but they reckoned without The OLD MARTIANS.

The man with the pith helmet had his back toward me. Hunched forward, he was screaming at the girl in the lens of his camera. 'Don't just stand there, Dotty! Move! Do something! Back up toward that column with inscriptions on it....'

The girl was tall and longlegged with ideal body proportions, her features and skin coloring a perfect norm-blend with no throwback elements. Right now she seemed confused and half-frightened as she tried to comply with the directions of the man with the movie camera. She smiled artificially, turned her head to look at the fragment of a wall behind her, reached out with a finger and started tracing the lines of an almost obliterated inscription in its stone surface.

The camera stopped whirring. Its owner straightened and grumbled, 'That's all.'

Now the girl was allowed to go back to her worrying. Swiftly she surveyed the crowd, but didn't find the person she was looking for. She started moving toward one of the arches that led deeper into the ruins.

I followed her slowly.

She passed through the arch, stopped, and turned her head toward the right, her eyes on something out of sight. She'd found him, but she saw me at the same time and her worry deepened.

When she moved back into the crowd, I strolled casually through the archway.

There was a vaguely defined passageway, the roof over it gone for half a million years, of course. And twenty feet away, oblivious of his surroundings except for what was directly in front of him, was my man.

His height and build were somewhat less than the norm. But it was his profile that drew my attention. A remarkable throwback; a throwback of a distinct type.
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