The Old Testament 101: Audio Course & Free Study Guide

Written by:
Richard J. Clifford
Narrated by:
Richard J. Clifford

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2013
10 hours 1 minute
Taught by acclaimed Old Testament scholar Richard Clifford, essential listening for the inquisitive. 

Join Fr. Richard Clifford, celebrated Harvard-educated scripture scholar, on a journey through the 46 books of the Old Testament.   

The Old Testament contains a wealth of wisdom, spiritual insights, and timeless stories. In this expansive course, you will explore the Garden of Eden, the reigns of King David and King Solomon, beautiful poetry, the wisdom of the prophets, and much more. Your guide, Professor Richard Clifford, SJ, a world-renowned and widely published scriptural scholar.

The Old Testament can sometimes prove challenging to modern listeners. With Fr. Clifford as personal professor, you will understand the fascinating historical and societal milieu of the Old Testament. You will examine the biblical books in the order in which they appear in the Christian Bible, looking at the Pentateuch (or Torah), the historical books, the wisdom literature (Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Sirach, Wisdom, and Psalms), and the prophets.

You will come to see how the Old Testament prefigures and lends meaning to the New Testament. Along the way you will examine and appreciate the content of each book, looking at its relation to other biblical books and how it has been read throughout history.

This is more than a Bible study: It is a profound program that will lead you to discover valuable insights into your own life and faith.

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