One More Day

Written by:
Emma Heatherington
Narrated by:
Caroline Lennon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
10 hours 31 minutes
When everything is lost, can their love survive?

Annie Madden and her husband Peter seemed to have the perfect life.

They had two beautiful children, a wonderful home and each other. That was before everything changed. Now Annie must face a different life, after a devastating event casts a shadow over her family, and their future.

When she is offered the chance to pick up her previous career as a writer, Annie is reluctant. Hollywood bad-boy, Senan Donnelly, has scared off every other ghostwriter who has tried to tell his story, so why would she be any different?

Travelling to the beautiful coast of West Cork, she discovers a very different side to the Hollywood actor. Annie can feel her heart opening up, but she is not free to follow it. Must she put her own happiness last, or can she dare to turn the page on a new chapter?

Praise for Emma Heatherington:

‘A beautiful love story’ Woman’s Way

‘Gripping’ Bella
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