Out of Play

Written by:
Dan Sugralinov
Narrated by:
Daniel Thomas May

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
13 hours 0 minutes
Alex Sheppard returns to the real world only to realize that it's game over for him. At the age of sixteen, he's destroyed the carefully laid plans of the most powerful people in the world, incurring their wrath. Now they're thirsting for his blood, and they know where to find him.

The criminal Triad, the two-faced Cartel, the hypocritical preventers were child's play, nothing more. But he has to operate outside the law now his sworn enemies rule the planet.

And Alex has a score to settle-they killed his friends, and he's hungry for revenge. The hour of reckoning is drawing near, and the retribution of the Sleepers is unfolding.
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