Out of the Silent Planet

Written by:
C.S. Lewis
Narrated by:
Geoffrey Howard

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2007
5 hours 28 minutes
Out of the Silent Planet is the first novel in Lewis’s Ransom Trilogy (also known as the Cosmic or Space Trilogy), which is considered his chief contribution to science fiction. A planetary romance with elements of medieval mythology, the trilogy concerns Dr. Elwin Ransom, a professor of philology who, like Christ, is offered as a ransom for mankind. On a walking tour of the English countryside, Ransom falls in with some slightly shady characters from his old university and wakes up to find himself naked in a metal ball in the middle of the light-filled heavens. He learns that he is on his way to a world called Malacandra by its natives, who call our world Thulcandra, the silent planet. The Malacandrans see planets as having tutelary spirits; those of the other planets are good and accessible, but Earth’s is fallen and twisted.
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Sergio C.

This is an interesting take on Sci-fi. Like much of Lewis' work, faith and spirituality is at the heart of this story. I consider this to anyone curious about his take on space and heaven and the spirit. If you're a Christian and wanting to see some of Sci-fi, or a fan of Sci-fi and want to see some of Lewis' views through this lense, you will not be disappointed. It is very much a mix of H.G. Wells' Time Machine and Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter series. Beyond that, I feel this is a journey you have to take for yourself. I highly recommend it.

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Jshoke W.

Firstly, I love C S Lewis's interpretation of celestial and angelic beings. Calling Space 'Heavens' is thought provoking. I do like the 'old' English writing style. I think today we loose much in our lack of patience of words. So saying, I think there is much that could be added to the story to replace story lines that seem to drag. The Narrator makes me to want to sleep. A bit too monotone in cadence for me.

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Ian M

The Space Trilogy is an great under appreciated work of our time. Out of the Silent Plant is an excellent piece of fiction by CS Lewis. Lewis provides a rich and colorful setting for a to rival First Men In the Moon or Princess of Mars. This book is both familiar in theme and surprising in it's originality. This story reaches high into elevated subject matter with a powerful depiction of new species not yet seen in science fiction of fantasy. You'll soon find yourself falling in love with his alien species. Lewis does an excellent job writing a story in that genre that fuses Science fiction and fantasy, but this also bring's Lewis's extremely rare ability to expound on rarified themes in a fresh and clear way.

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