Painted Truths

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
13 hours 18 minutes
One single night. One perfect kiss. One undeniable connection.

That's all it took for the most captivating man I've ever met to anchor himself within my soul. Deeply enough that I can't help reliving our stolen moment in time over two years later.

So when my best friend offers me a job as his PA at his long-estranged brother's company, I'm floored to discover our boss is the same man from that night. His older half-brother, reclusive billionaire CEO Henry DeMarco. But he's aloof. Cruel. Wholly at odds with the man from my memories. Not to mention, he's strictly off-limits!

On the outside, he has it all. Power. Wealth. And a face that has panties spontaneously combusting left, right, and center. Men want to be him. Women want to be with him. And he takes it all as his prerogative; consequences be damned.

Until his hard-won defenses begin to shift in their foundations. Allowing me to glimpse beyond his harsh exterior, to peer intensely inside his hidden, hollowed heart.

Will I be able to find the truths that lay painted within?

Contains mature themes.
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Having read and loved Painted Truths back in 2022 I was happy to see it released as an audiobook. The narrators have done a great job at bringing Henry and Olivia to life. It was easy to get caught up in their story which has plenty of twists and turns. I enjoyed being back with Brotherhood series group of fantastic characters and look forward to listening to Nate and Mila’s story in book 2.

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Christina R.

I love the narrators they bought the characters and story to life for me excellent. Olivia has lived a sheltered life, her friends Jo and Nola who are dating and Alex take her out to a club. She’s dancing and sees this man who is beautiful. They meet briefly, kiss, and talk but he has to leave and he couldn’t tell her. Two years later her friend Alex gets her a job at his brother’s business,and her new boss is the guy from two years ago Henry. Can they fight the chemistry? Great characters and storyline Highly recommended Amazing Book. This is Pamela’s debut book, but it doesn’t read like one. The twists and turns were surprising. The side characters were lovable and you want to see more of them. Henry and Olivia were sweet, swoony, and spicy. I can’t wait for the next book

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Peachy and the Grump. Oh how I have missed these two characters. It’s been over a year since I first read their story yet it’s still as fresh now as it was then. This audio absolutely hit in every way I needed it to. The narrators were spot on for how I could imagine Liv and Henry sound. Painted Truths was my first audio experience with Benjamin and Victoria but I’ll definitely be seeking them out when searching for future audiobooks!

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