Pedro’s Fables: Plants, Pets, and Birds

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2013
0 hours 50 minutes
More funny children stories by noted Spanish author Pedro Pablo Sacristán, translated into English, in themes kids love!

Perfect for bedtime, car rides, or anywhere you go, Pedro's Fables: Plants, Pets, and Birds is both entertaining and educational. Produced with full music and sound effects, this delightful tale is sure to charm the entire family.

Stories include: 'The Magic Tree,' 'The Lazy Little Bird,' 'Friends from the Vegetable Patch,' 'Tubby the Pot-Bellied Cat,' 'The Grumpy Tree,' 'The Little Stone Bird,' 'The Carnivorous Plant and the Butcher,' 'Batbird,' 'Peggy's Talking Pets,' 'The Tree and the Vegetables,' 'A Pessimistic Dog,' 'The Poor Bunny's Magic Present,' and 'A Strange Bird Shop.'
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