Point of Transmission

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2017
7 hours 7 minutes
A deadly virus has been unleashed. A virus so vicious that it reduces the infected to a terrifying version of themselves that could lead to the end of our race as we know it.

Elaina has been identified as the point of transmission and the reason for the chaos and havoc. She created the virus and let it out. Now, more than just the infected would like to see her head served up on a platter.

When havoc unfolds in the city, law enforcement officer Alec is involved in an accidental shooting. Put on paid leave, he bitterly lays low during the madness until he's called back to help control the alarming spread of the virus, while hoping to put an end to the person responsible for the virus and his near-shattered career.

Elaina is trying to stay under the radar too, but she can't hide forever. She has to help stop this and come up with a cure before it's too late.

When Alec and Elaina cross paths, they'll have to decide what's more important . . . revenge, redemption, or survival.

Contains mature themes.
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Sherry L.

I like apocalyptic stories but this one fell a bit flat, so much so I quit halfway through. A little too vanilla, lacks grit and intrigue. I think a young adult audience would enjoy it.

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Denise D.

The author can’t decide to make the character Sam a male or female!! It was the same way in the book before this one. So disappointing that I had to rate 4 stars because of this….

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A D.

Narrator needs to work on his female voices..he sounds whiny when he doesn't need to be.

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Slooow start to a “Not another Zombie novel”. The twist is they aren’t zombies….

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I really enjoyed the divorce scene! So funny in such a terrible world. 5 stars. I didn't enjoy the narration. 1 star.

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Good book kept my attention

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Great story, and the narrator really gets into it. Highly recommended.

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Beverly K.

loved this one and was hooked check this one out no love story just a bunch of regular people in a virus sounds familiar??? but one is much worse love it

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Jenifer A.

great series of books. it's very much a series with no real ending to a new start, feels like they are simply chapters split up.

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Michelle M.

It’s ok. Not bad for apocalypse series

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