The Power of Love: A Transformed Heart Changes the World
Release Date
February 2023
32 hours 21 minutes
THE POWER OF LOVE is an award-winning chronicle of the soul's quest. Dr. Fran Grace, a professor of religion, narrates her life journey and describes her personal encounters with some of the century's most memorable spiritual figures. Reviewers say it 'is a masterpiece,' 'splendid and moving narrative,' 'reveals love in its many facets,' 'feeds the heart and soul,' 'awakens the mind.' At age 15, the author had a mystical experience that nearly shattered her. She joined a fundamentalist sect and served it until age 33, when an unexpected love affair forced her to leave the church. Though she enjoyed success in her academic career, she suffered an existential vacuum. At 39, she encountered her spiritual teacher, Dr. David R. Hawkins, who opened her heart. She moved to be near him and worked with him closely on various projects, such as his LETTING GO book, staying with him until his death in 2012. Heartbroken from his passing, she went on a journey to learn more about the power of love. She spent time with 18 renowned spiritual leaders, scientists, activists, and artists—all of whom had been verified by Dr. Hawkins before he passed away. Fran Grace’s personal narrative is pulsed by her encounters with these teachers, each of whom has a chapter that includes a brief biography and their dialogue with the author. The book is unusual in how it interweaves advanced teachings on love from diverse teachers, with the author’s honest sharing of her struggles to embody them. The Audiobook version is a treasure trove of dialogues between the author and the great teachers on topics such as grief, addiction, spiritual ego, sexuality, relationship difficulties, phobias, despair, dementia, and seeing our ‘enemies’ through the eyes of compassion. The audio recording of a teacher's voice is either their own or that of someone affiliated with the path they teach. ALL proceeds are donated to the charitable organizations of the book's contributors.
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