PrimeVerse: Forced Login

Written by:
R.K. Billiau
Narrated by:
Eric Jason Martin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2020
10 hours 43 minutes
No matter how many times you die, it still sucks.

For Hudson, the virtual world of PrimeVerse isn't all bad. It's beautiful; much nicer than overpopulated Earth. It almost feels like a vacation except for the volatile wildlife, lack of any amenities, and-oh yeah-the inability to log out.

Exploring the world, learning his class, and leveling skills is all fun and games until a powerful rogue player with a vendetta shows up to wipe out Hudson and his primitive tribe. Thrust into a conflict he didn't create, Hudson is forced into a cycle of respawning where he learns that even death can be used as a tool. So much for that vacation.

It's not like he signed up for this. Or even went willingly. but when life hands you lemons . . . use them to kill the dog-size spiders that are trying to eat your face.
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Donald C.

I’m going to level with you. I didn’t know what a LitRPG was before I started this adventure. Now that I’ve finished my first book in the genre I can say I find it interesting. At the same time I had a great time going on an adventure with Hudson. Cast into a world unlike the one he knew before he lost the Death Lottery our bumbling hero discovers the world with us. Mechanics, rules, wats to break the mechanics and rules. He discovers good friends and dastardly villains along the way. The last 3rd of the story is where the future of the series really shows what it might hold and I’m pretty excited to see where it goes! A thing happens to a person that sets up some stuff is my spoiler free telling of what happens.

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