The Problem with Second Chances

The Problem with Second Chances

Written by:
Piper Rayne
Narrated by:
Joe Arden , Erin Mallon
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
6 hours 20 minutes
For Rylan Greene and me, it was simple. Love only got us so far.

I’ve known him since we were six, long before he became the professional soccer star he is now. We’ve weaved in and out of one another’s lives as rivals, teammates, friends, and lovers. Until three years ago, when my life took a hit and I ran back to my small Alaskan town, Lake Starlight, away from anything or anyone that could hurt me.

He’s never far from my mind, a constant pining ache in my heart, but I’ve convinced myself I’m better off. But now, my best friend announces her engagement and that means Rylan will return home to stand as best man to her fiancé.

He’ll be back in my orbit for three whole weeks… but I can easily keep my distance. Sure, we’ll have to walk arm in arm down the aisle together, he’ll hold me close during the bridal party dance and we’ll stand for pictures next to each other. Nothing I can’t handle.

I’m so naïve though because he’s not in town for more than twenty-four hours before he knocks on my door. I should know by now, that the two of us will never be finished business.

This second chance romance spans sixteen years of a true love match that proves these two will only ever belong to one another.
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Kristin Lira

This is book #1 in the new Lake Starlight series that takes place in a small Alaskan town. Rylan and Calista’s romance was a whirlwind of emotions. Their second chance love story had an abundance of laughter with a side of heartache. I loved how committed Rylan was, and I was glad that Calista was able to move passed her issues to find her HEA. Joe Arden and Erin Mallon did a wonderful job narrating Rylan and Calista. They portrayed the characters beautifully.

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The title says it all. This is a second chance love story with all the problems that come with that plus some extra spice and heat to make it hard to press pause. I loved the hero and heroine stories. Their second chance was beautiful and heartwarming. Her journey to rediscovering and redefining her passion and life’s purpose is well crafted. I loved the heroine's journey. This book also has a ton of funny moments. There is a scene in a storage shed that still has me giggling just thinking about it. Loved every minute and would highly recommend it. I love duel narration and this one did it seamlessly. The narrators are awesome.

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Yvette H

This is my first foray into the small town in Alaska created by Piper Rayne. Calista and Rylan take us on a merry go round ride filled laughter, heartache and love. The story is filled emotion. It was obvious to everyone that they loved each other. At first I was all team Rylan and blamed Calista as to why they were not together. As the story unfolds and we get both sides and the emotions are revealed, my heart broke for Calista. It is probably better that they went through the break ups and breakdowns. They weren’t ready. Rylan didn’t like small town life where everyone was in his business. He felt separated from the rest of his family. He stayed away. Visiting as little as possible. When Calista needed him the most he didn’t know how to help her. Calista loved her family and was very close to them. When her dreams were crushed, she wanted the familiarity of family and friends. Instead of them listening to each other they kind of messed things up. After years of on again off again, miscommunications and misunderstandings they finally get the chance to get it right. They need the help of the entire family and town to help them get their heads it right. One 6 year old niece and a fed up mother finally get them to to right. Listening and compromising go a long way

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Kristina M.

HANDS DOWN ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS EVER WRITTEN!! For any Piper Rayne fan who has read the Baileys/Greene series, this has been our most anticipated book. I expected a lot from Rylan and Calista and the best part is… Piper Rayne DELIVERED. My only complaint would be that it ended. This was one of those stories that could have been 700 pages and I wouldn’t have even complained. We saw bits and pieces of their story over the years so there were certain things I was expecting. I was glad we got their story in both the present and the past. It was a little hard to distinguish the past in the audio but I tried following along the ebook to figure it out. Calista and Rylan have that “it was always you” kind of love that even when they were apart and seeing other people, they still had intense love for each other. So much so that it forced Rylan to stay away from home. It enjoyed the side storyline that involved Rylan and his siblings/nieces/nephews and the fact that he has not been around much over the last few years and his reasons why. It gave us heartfelt moments with his parents as well. Piper Rayne answers the questions we have been waiting for, what happened to Calista’s soccer career? Why did they break up? We have been wanting to see them end up together for years so this has been a heartbreaking journey that eventually feels good. Getting to see them from the beginning made me so happy! Their time apart hurt my heart but it made for quite the roller coaster ride. Rylan and Calista both had things to figure out before they could truly understand that their journey to each other was meant to be and they should do whatever it takes to make it work. I tried to avoid mentioning anything about the storyline because it is best to go in blind! This was a beautiful story for these two characters we have come to love. The audiobook made this so much more emotional. The narrators, Erin Mallon & Joe Arden, absolutely put their all into this and it made for the most perfect audio!

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