Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2018
13 hours 3 minutes
Dakota Krout presents the second book in the Completionist Chronicles series.
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Israel G.

All of the Dakota's books have me laughing and so hooked from the get go! It's got me waiting for the next one more than any other book has.

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2nd time reading - still excellent, despite the authors insistence on PUNishing us too often.

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Amanda S

such a good book. I love the detail in real dnd fashion

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Hope - Jorge

I LOVE these books. This isn't my normal kind if listen but it was a pleasant surprise just how wonderful these books have been.

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Michael Collier

I love Dakota's books, and I'm waiting for Ruthless and Rexus: Side Quest to become available here. There great books!! hope to hear them soon! ;))

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Virgil D.

Book tends to mock queer folk with the "sardonic" commentary of the artificial intelligence running the game world. Lot of repeated "ew, you're gay" type teasing. I know it's not going to be enough to be a dealbreaker for everyone, but it's worth knowing going into it. Super weird to listen to in 2020 or 2018, I guess when this was produced. Fantasy Book is fine so far. I generally enjoyed the silliness of it outside those parts.

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