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Release Date
March 2008
14 hours 35 minutes
Tamera Alexander's gripping debut novel is a 'masterful blend of captivating story and technical excellence' (CBA's Aspiring Retail). Set in the 1868 Colorado Rockies, Rekindled tells the poignant story of a man and wife whose life and love are forever changed. Bushwhacked and left to die in flames, rancher Larson Jennings is lovingly nurtured by a godly mountain couple. As his body slowly heals, he becomes spiritually transformed. But with his handsome features now scarred beyond recognition, Larson wonders if anyone can look beyond his grotesque burns to the better man he has become. Long presumed dead, he painfully limps home-to find his wife arm-and-arm with another man. As tears trickle down his disfigured face, Larson asks God to help him do what's best for his beloved Kathryn. With the romantic irony of Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac, Alexander paints an unforgettable portrait of unselfish love. 'Making an impressive debut, Alexander has written a charming historical romance that features well-drawn characters and smooth, compelling storytelling .'-Library Journal, starred review 'Rich prose, a realistic setting and characters, and a compassionate story of love will keep you turning pages long into the night .'-Romantic Times Top Pick
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Paula B.

Great book!

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learned a lot

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Sheri B.

Very enjoyable and really tugged at my heart. I will recommend this to others who love to read.

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Nancy P.


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Carol H

Great book, loved how the author allowed forgiveness!! There’s always someone who struggles with jealousy. Larson was that man, it took him to completely fall to the bottom and then some. True love waits and ensures!! Love this book!! Thank you

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Bethany Doan

While the story as a whole was very intriguing and different, it became monotonous early on. I felt like the characters repeated the same comments in different arrangements often. I liked the unique storyline, but wish the first half of the book had been condensed greatly. The constant back and forth of husband and wife missing each other was very boring. It picked up in the second half with the introduction of some new characters, but I found parts of that half a little odd (the main character stalking his wife, for one). The last few chapters were entirely unbelievable - she wasn't even mad? They had this conversation while she was giving birth? And she wasn't upset, but relieved? I wish more time had been spent on developing her acceptance of Larson/Jacob, rather than immediately resolving everything as if it's okay that he hid his identity for so long. All in all, I'm glad I read this. It was an interesting twist on an often predictable type of book. I think the main issue I had was with timing and character development, which happen to be two of my pet peeves. I would definitely recommend the read - the details aren't quite what I would have liked, but the story is creative and intriguing!

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