Written by:
Dean Koontz
Narrated by:
Dan John Miller

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2009
9 hours 13 minutes
Bestselling novelist Cullen “Cubby” Greenwich is a lucky man and he knows it. He makes a handsome living doing what he enjoys. His wife, Penny, a children’s book author and illustrator, is the love of his life. Together they have a brilliant six-year-old, Milo, affectionately dubbed “Spooky,” and a non-collie named Lassie, who’s all but part of the family.So Cubby knows he shouldn’t let one bad review of his otherwise triumphant new book get to him—even if it does appear in the nation’s premier newspaper and is penned by the much-feared, seldom-seen critic Shearman Waxx. Cubby knows that the best thing to do is ignore the gratuitously vicious, insulting, and inaccurate comments. Penny knows it; even little Milo knows it. If Lassie could talk, she’d tell Cubby to ignore them, too.Ignore Shearman Waxx and his poison pen is just what Cubby intends to do. Until he happens to learn where the great man is taking his lunch. Cubby just wants to get a look at the mysterious recluse whose mere opinion can make or break a career—or a life.But Shearman Waxx isn’t what Cubby expects, and neither is the escalating terror that follows what seemed to be an innocent encounter. For Waxx gives criticism; he doesn’t take it. He has ways of dealing with those who cross him that Cubby is only beginning to fathom. Soon Cubby finds himself in a desperate struggle with a relentless sociopath, facing an inexorable assault on far more than his life.Fearless, funny, utterly compelling, Relentless is Dean Koontz at his riveting best, an unforgettable tale of the fragile bonds that hold together all that we most cherish—and of those who would tear those bonds asunder.
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It’s Dean Koontz, what more can I say? Book is action packed with some comedy thrown in for good measure. Didn’t care for Dan John Miller’s reading though. He sounded too nasally and at times came across as snide and sarcastic.

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Jessica W.

I love the author but this book was loooong. A shame as I really liked the characters. A boring real with the final too short and unexplained.

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I love Dean Koontz but this book was a real let down. It is absolutely unbelievable & really leaves the reader with a lot of unanswered questions.

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Ugh...this book was not like other Dean Koontz books i've read. By the 2nd CD i had to stop listening to it. The story was just so hard to believe that it was almost funny listening to the story. It seemed dragged out and lacked suspense. Having a book critic as the "villian" was just a plain bad idea. I even popped in the last disc just to see if the story ended on a better note - after just a couple mins it proved the story only got worse. Oh well, guess every book can't be great!

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I love Koontz but Relentless is overun with unnecessary dialogue and story that seemed to do nothing but fill the pages. Maybe it's because I can't stand helpless (and hapless) primary characters but I would not recommend this book to true Koontz fans.

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Of course it is a little far fetched but it's still a great book. Koontz composes many forms of evil in his books, and this one is quite unique. He does a remarkable job of contrasting the besieged family with the dastardly villain out to get them. If you like the author's type of horror you will like this cd,

This title is due for release on June 9, 2009.

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This title is due for release on June 9, 2009
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