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Robynne Wilderton

Written by:
Louise Lucy Lockhart
Narrated by:
Sally Beth

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
5 hours 55 minutes
Robynne Roberta Wilderton is a ravishingly attractive brunette. As a Fine Artist, she has erotic 'sexperiences' with beautiful people in the worlds of modeling, ballet, hockey, horses, fashion, and haute-couture.
Robynne’s romances retain a strong testosterone streak, with Roberta embedding a powerful estrogen rush, intertwined with Wilderton, a wild lust for adventure. Her desire for sexy pleasure opens new vistas, and being blessed with a beautiful, body, mind and soul, she seduces gorgeous men and glamorous women.
Her desire for thrills comes her way with her longing for company and excitement. She lives a charmed life of luxury, filled with sex, elegance, stunning women, and handsome men. Her thrilling gender-bender adventures reflect what a healthy liberated female enjoys among these young privileged classes.
Robynne’s narrative will inform, educate, and entertain those who wish to gain an insight into the erotic mores of these social strata. Robynne’s exhilarating escapades and sensual erotic experiences teach much about her feminist drive with no constraints on pursuing pleasure to find self-fulfilling love.
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