Russian History: The 20th Century

Russian History: The 20th Century

Written by:
Will Forrest
Narrated by:
Andrew Cooper
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
3 hours 18 minutes
Introducing 'Russian History: The 20th Century'

- The Final book in Our 'From Rus to Russia' Series.

Complete your journey through Russia's enthralling past with 'Russian History: The 20th Century,' the highly anticipated final volume in our 'From Rus to Russia' series. This riveting book guides you through a century of unparalleled change, as Russia transformed from a monarchy to a superpower and beyond.

Witness the momentous events that shaped the nation, from the Russian Revolution and the rise of the Soviet Union to the Cold War and the birth of modern Russia. Explore the lives of influential figures like Lenin, Stalin, and Gorbachev, who left indelible marks on the course of history.

This book brings the nation's past to life with a blend of engaging storytelling and in-depth analysis. Experience the triumphs and tragedies of a century that saw Russia emerge as a global power, only to face new challenges in the modern era.

Perfect for history enthusiasts and newcomers alike, this accessible and enthralling book is a fitting conclusion to our captivating 'From Rus to Russia' series.

Don't miss your opportunity to complete your collection and immerse yourself in Russia's incredible 20th-century history. Order your copy of 'Russian History: The 20th Century' today, and relive the events that defined a nation and changed the world.

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Jene J.

This audiobook offered a balanced perspective on Russia's history, delving into both its triumphs and challenges. The author's nuanced approach and the narrator's skillful delivery made it a compelling listen that provided valuable insights into this complex nation.

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