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Savage Dominion

Written by:
G.D. Penman , Luke Chmilenko
Narrated by:
Luke Daniels

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
18 hours 36 minutes
Maulkin didn't know dying would mean a new eternity of dungeon delving, monster slaying, and glory hunting. If he had, he wouldn't have been so worried about kicking the bucket on a date gone even more wrong than usual.

Reborn in the wild world of Amaranth, Maulkin finds himself in a hulking demi-human body with a sword of a size to match. Marked as an Eternal, a fledging immortal of boundless potential, Maulkin soon discovers he's been given a mission by the elder pantheon of this new realm:

Grow stronger. Ascend to godhood. Spread chaos in their name.

Oh and fend off that inbound apocalypse, if he can find the time.

Who wants an easy afterlife anyway?
Profile Avatar
Justin H.

Fun d&d styled adventure without actual play elements, I really enjoyed the narrator and his style.

Profile Avatar
Wesley mckee

I am only thirty minutes into it and I have been smiling the whole time.narrator is wonderful and makes the words come alive.

Profile Avatar
Red Diz 2

I really enjoyed this one. Lots of action in this story and a few laughs to. The narrator also really brought the characters and world to life for me. I also enjoyed the 2 minutes of voice bloopers at the end of the story. The interaction between the main 3 characters was fun. The last main stay to the group that showed up in the latter half of the story felt a bit tacked on but they seemed to have integrated well enough by the end. One thing I enjoyed about the main character of the story was the fact that he never felt invincible. He's strong to be sure but it always felt like there was a possibility of him losing despite his strength.

Profile Avatar

Great fantasy novel, had a tough time stopping the listening, and looked forward to continuing. The narrator was amazing, and kept my attention the whole time.

Profile Avatar

fantastic story, well written, can't wait for more

Profile Avatar
Alicia M Gioia

I loved this book and I was skeptical at first but it really draws you in.

Profile Avatar
Darlene S.

Took a bit to get into it but I laughed and smiled alot at humor ... Narrator was awesome .... Quirky , fun and could picture the scenes... Great freebie.... probably will listen to next book in line ..

Profile Avatar
Andrew M.

Great fun, easy listen

Profile Avatar

what a great time that was shoot I may just do it again. you will enjoy it every one you will enjoy it.

Profile Avatar
Dougal S

The writing/characters are a little silly or at least more for teenagers, but the plot is decent.

Profile Avatar
John K.

This book is stupid and juvenile. I really tried to listen past chapter 2 but it’s too unbelievably unimaginative and cringeworthy. The narrator speaks as though he’s being sarcastic. I’m not sure if that’s part of the author’s intent, but it’s beyond irritating and combined with the poor writing made me just have to stop and write this unfavorable review.

Profile Avatar
Chuck G.

wonderfully executed by the narrator and great story.

Profile Avatar
Eric E.

I was a little sceptical at first but the book really grew on me. Its an enjoyable tale that is fun to listen to and has me remembering my youth and the days of D and D played. Along with the great story the narrator brings it to life. Great voices for the characters. I fun summer read.

Profile Avatar
Matt B.

I picked this up as a freebie for my VIP rewards that I get with my monthly subscription and I am so glad I did. I have loved listening to this book and went out and got book two with this months credit. I highly recommend, easy listen and a very fun narration. Story: 10 out of 10, Narration: 10 out of 10, Funny: 10 out of 10, Listening Skills: Ascended, Hunger for Book Two: Unlocked. Gained new book series to follow and can't wait to see what the authors write in the future.

Profile Avatar
Bryan Foster

Silly but fun.

Profile Avatar
Henrik Ö.

Fairly prectictable story and somewhat repetitive in the "stats" descriptions but vibrant narration convey the interplay between characters well. For those of us with a nerdy gamer side there are some chuckles to be had along the way.

Profile Avatar
Jason B.

Wish the language could’ve been a bit cleaner, but the story is definitely entertaining. And the narration is AMAZING.

Profile Avatar
Tina W.

Amazing book!! If you are looking for fantasy with a heavy dose of laughs… can’t go wrong!

Profile Avatar

I enjoyed this story and the banter between the characters

Profile Avatar

where is the sequel..........

Profile Avatar
Tom D.

Awesome book for those Fantasy lovers and RPG aficionados. Nonstop action and humor. The narrator is first rate! I will definitely listen to the next title!

Profile Avatar

The narrator is amazing. Bloopers at the end are so funny! Book itself was ok, there are some annoyances (like the main character, 1st person narrative is a not very smart person. That makes for a funny book, but not particularly deep one. Some of his decisions are

Profile Avatar
Judson C.

Very differently put together , enjoyed it, great narration

Profile Avatar
Louis S.

This was my first litrpg novel, I am most definitely a fan now. The narration was excellent and the characters were awesome. I'm trying not to rush thru the second book because we are still waiting on the third one. Keep up the good work guys.

Profile Avatar
Adam Glanville

fantastic story, can't wait to get into the next one.

Profile Avatar
Andrew R.

Well worth the listen love Luke Daniels as the narrator although he is more of a voice actor love it can't say it enough

Profile Avatar
Cherie G.

Nice to listen to while I clean house.

Profile Avatar
Justn S.

Wonderful book one of my favorites

Profile Avatar

brilliant story, instead of heaven and hell you are in a video game! I keep bursting out in laughter, getting queer looks. the narrator has done such a wonderful job! I love love love this title !

Profile Avatar
Justin S.

so good I love it

Savage Dominion
This title is due for release on May 25, 2021.

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Savage Dominion
This title is due for release on May 25, 2021
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Savage Dominion
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Savage Dominion

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