The Scarlet Thread

Written by:
Francine Rivers
Narrated by:
Angela Rogers , Alma Cuervo

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2012
13 hours 1 minute
New York Times best-selling author Francine Rivers has won such prestigious honors as the Christy Award for Inspirational Historical Fiction and the ECPA Gold Medallion. In The Scarlet Thread, a woman learns to cope with life's challenges by looking to the past. Sierra and her family move to Los Angeles when her husband lands a new job -- but big-city life brings many problems. Soon, Sierra finds herself watching helplessly as her family disintegrates. Then she discovers an ancestor's journal -- and slowly learns to put her trust in God.
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Tali B.

I LOVED this book. narrator was wonderful and this made the book even a better listen. I wouldn't recommend this book to a non-believer as a believer this book tought me a lot of lessons.

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It was way too preachy. Ironically, I thanked God right out loud when the book finally ended. I had invested enough time into the book that I wanted to finish it, but it was painful and over the top in terms of the evangelical messaging.

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Rowen Crouch

I loved this book, now I want to listen to it again!

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Shelby K.

Such a great book! I finished the audiobook in a day!

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It took me awhile to get into the story, but then I was hooked! The diary voice was precious and perfect for the character. Other narrator was ok, not so great with guy voices ( tho not surprised).

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Stacy D.

One of my favorite books of hers ever! So good!

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I lLOVED this book. Both narrators did an amazing job of keeping me so connected to the plots and I love the truth that is revealed through the pain and lives of the characters. I know a book is good when I am thinking about it still days later and oh, am I thinking about this book still!

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Kelly P.

I enjoyed this book…. Sweet with many life lessons.

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Marney R.

Once again, terrible theology.

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Cyn K.

I became more invested in the Mary Catherine 19th century storyline but overall it was a pleasant listen. This was my first experience with Francine Rivers and the narrative aligned in many ways I expected of a Christian writer.

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Lynn Fedina

wasn't one of my favorite books to listen to. not sure I liked following the two stories even though they were nicely tied together

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Beautiful read by two different narrators. They do a good job connecting the characters from different time periods. Full of sweetness, tragedy, endurance, and forgiveness.

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Lindie F.

Beautiful I love her books

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Heather Ortega

Absolutely loved this book! Had a long road trip, and it was a perfect treat to listen to! So much emotion and it kept me intrigued throughout!

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pam drake

What a wonderful book, full of emotion and inspiration.

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