Science, Religion, and Ethics in Twenty-First Century Biomedical Discoveries: Which Way Is Forward?

Written by:
Kevin Fitzgerald
Narrated by:
Kevin Fitzgerald

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2007
9 hours 57 minutes
What is human? Can the promise of great scientific discoveries be reconciled with traditional notions of God and ethics? Are we capable of using biotechnology to better the human condition? How can science, religion and ethics be used to inform our decisions? What will an increasingly sophisticated understanding of genetics mean for healthcare, our understanding of free will?

Advances in 21st century biomedicine raise these and other fundamental questions. Our answers will profoundly shape national policy, science, healthcare, and our notions of right and wrong. Stem cell research, cloning, nanotechnology, chimera creation, genetic medicine and other initiatives give humans an unprecedented capacity to heal and influence our lives.

Now, for the first time ever, you can explore these important issues from three perspectives - scientific, theological, and ethical - through this unique 24-lecture series. Presented by Kevin T. FitzGerald, Catholic Priest, Ph.D. in molecular genetics, Ph.D. in bioethics, you will gain a level of multidisciplinary understanding held by remarkable few people. Whatever your view on or understanding of biomedical discoveries, you will profit from this course.

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