The Score

Written by:
Kiki Swinson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2016
7 hours 13 minutes
She's bright, beautiful-and a criminal at heart. A Virginia Beach street hustler turned identity theft mastermind, Lauren Kelly's always had a taste for the finer things-Chanel, Prada, Amex Black Cards-and Matt Connors, her lover and accomplice. When their partner, Yancy, stumbles onto a tycoon's three million dollar bank account, everything's golden-until Lauren discovers Yancy and Matt are planning the ultimate double-cross. . . Fortunately, Lauren's one step ahead of Matt. Once she disappears with every last dollar, they'll have no doubt they picked the wrong woman to play. But all three of them picked the wrong man to rip off. Randy Miles is no ordinary multi-millionaire. He'll stop at nothing to get what's his. . .and once his reign of terror starts, everyone will run for cover-but not everyone will live to talk about it.
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