The Sea Witch

The Sea Witch

Written by:
Katee Robert
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
8 hours 55 minutes
Once upon a time, I met a man and he stole my heart. 

In my desperation to reunite with him, I have nowhere to turn but the Sea Witch. Ursa is as beautiful as she is dangerous, and the one person my father warned me never to trust. But she’s all crimson lips and sweet lies that hint at deeper truths beneath the surface, and I’m convinced despite my fear.

It’s a simple enough plan, if not for the faint of heart. An auction to sell the one thing I possess of any value—myself. The money will free Alaric and then we can finally be together.

Except nothing is simple at all.

Ursa is playing at games I can only begin to comprehend. And Alaric? The man I thought I loved might be just as much a villain as the woman I can’t help but be drawn to.

When playing in the darkest depths of love and lust, it will be everything I can do not to drown.
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Jen Vance

Narrators where good. I should have just watched an adult film.

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