The Secret: A Jack Reacher Novel

Written by:
Andrew Child , Lee Child
Narrated by:
Scott Brick

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
9 hours 14 minutes
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Don’t miss the hit streaming series Reacher! 
A string of mysterious deaths. A long-classified mission. A young MP with nothing to lose.

1992. All across the United States respectable, upstanding citizens are showing up dead. These deaths could be accidents, and they don’t appear to be connected—until a fatal fall from a high-floor window attracts some unexpected attention.
That attention comes from the secretary of defense. All of a sudden he wants an interagency task force to investigate. And he wants Jack Reacher as the army’s representative. If Reacher gets a result, great. If not, he’s a convenient fall guy.
But office politics isn’t Reacher’s thing. Three questions quickly emerge: Who’s with him, who’s against him, and will the justice he dispenses be the official kind . . . or his own kind?
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James Yogadhi Weldon

I have bought all of Lee Child’s books in the past but this one all I say Don’t buy it. It could only have been done by a ghost writer not Lee Child. It has none of the Jack Reacher true character or excitement. None of the typical storyline. Shame on Lee Child selling this as a “Jack Reacher” novel because it is not.

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Bill R.

I liked the action, the story plusnthentwists and turns. Very entertaining.

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a good read, not a great one, but Scott Brick the narrator is awesome.

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Chris A.

This story goes back in time. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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