Secret of the Storm

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
7 hours 11 minutes
Cassie King's father told her the universe was on her side, although lately it doesn't really feel like that's true.

The only thing Cassie enjoys is the volunteer work she does at her local library with her classmate and kind-of friend Joe. After a very intense storm, they discover an abandoned kitten. Figuring the kitten needs a friend just as much as she does, Cassie names him Albert and takes him home with her.

Soon Cassie begins to notice that Albert is acting . . . strange. He seems to have impossible strength. Cassie swears she sees plumes of smoke rising from his water bowl. And one day, while Albert is in the room, a unique symbol appears on Cassie's closet door.

After a bit more investigating, it turns out that the symbol isn't so random, and neither was that weird storm that occurred when they first found Albert outside. Albert is not really a cat at all, and he has links to a historic and incredibly strong dragon world, a world that once had an alliance with the human one. But a breach in this usually well-oiled machine has put everyone-including Cassie and Joe-in grave danger. And their biggest enemy is closer than they ever imagined.
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