Secrets in the Cellar: The True Story of the Austrian Incest Case That Shocked the World

Written by:
John Glatt
Narrated by:
Gildart Jackson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2013
7 hours 25 minutes
Josef Fritzl was a 73-year-old retired engineer in Austria. He seemed to be living a normal life with his wife, Rosemarie, and their family-though one daughter, Elisabeth, had decades earlier been 'lost' to a religious cult. Throughout the years, three of Elisabeth's children mysteriously appeared on the Fritzls' doorstep; Josef and Rosemarie raised them as their own. But only Josef knew the truth about Elisabeth's disappearance . . .

For twenty-seven years, Josef had imprisoned and molested Elisabeth in his man-made basement dungeon, complete with soundproof paneling and code-protected electric locks. There, she would eventually give birth to a total of seven of Josef's children. One died in infancy-and the other three were raised alongside Elisabeth, never to see the light of day.

Then, in 2008, one of Elisabeth's children became seriously ill and was taken to the hospital. It was the first time the nineteen-year-old girl had ever gone outside-and soon, the truth about her background, her family's captivity, and Josef's unspeakable crimes would come to light.
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Samuel C.

very good account of a very shocking story and handling of a madman . never to be released is what he deserves what evil

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Kathy Martinez

Almost feel guilty for enjoying this so much.

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Dana M.

It’s all about the captor and VERY little about the victims. Just know that going into it. Startling and raw. Real and (I assume) accurate.

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Lia Suzanne W.

I wanted to find out more about this horrific case. I got it: the facts, just the facts. It read like a magazine article, parroting certain information later in the book to fill in. Not my favorite. I couldn’t help but ache for the victims. I couldn’t help but doubt her mother. I wish them happiness

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this guy was sick.

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Barb White

The story itself was interesting. The narrator did a good job. But there was a lot of repeating information throughout the book.

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Lauri C.

Very interesting! I cannot believe he got away with this for so many years….Tons of warning signs!

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Shani M.

what a crazy story! this was a great book!

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Tonya H.

Eh. It wasn't a book that kept my attention. I always finish every book I start, (thinking if not, I'll miss where it actually gets good at). This book, I KEPT looking at how much time was left, I so wanted it to be over; not because I couldn't handle the story, but, mostly, in part, the narrator was entirely boring, and not of any quality to listen to. There were times I would have a whole 20 - 30 minute conversation, allowing the book to play in the background, and I really missed nothing. It's tragic what she went through, and the children, but I must agree with a previous reviewer, the story is about the dad, Josef Fritzel, and his weirdness, his obsessions, his erotica, his enjoyment, his life, and his excuses. My personal opinion would be to skip this book. There are better written, and better narrated books available.

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Wesley S.

Very interesting read. I had very little knowledge of this “person” before this book. What a wild ride! Only down side is some major events are spoken of repeatedly which can wear on the reader as they’re heavy topics being discussed.

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Eric C.

My goodness me! I never knew about this case until I came across this title. I finished it in two days, and I couldn't believe half the things that had occurred!!! Wow! Excellent summary and great narration.

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