The Secrets of Power Negotiating for Your Dream Job

Written by:
Roger Dawson
Narrated by:
Roger Dawson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2015
3 hours 40 minutes
There are always a few opportunities in our business life that cause a tidal wave of changes in how your future works out for you. Certainly which college you chose to attend, and what career path you choose. And there are personal factors that play a big role, such as the person you marry, children you have and the friends with whom you hang out. The one business skill that tops them all is your choice of a company for whom you choose to work. Make the right choice and it could lead to great fame and fortune. Make the wrong choice and you will wallow in despair for decades to come.

In The Secrets of Power Negotiating for Your Dream Job, negotiation expert Roger Dawson will show you how to negotiate a dynamite compensation and lifestyle package from your employer--be it your current employer or a new employer--so you can create the conditions consistent with your vision of your dream job. A great compensation and lifestyle package means more than just a great salary (although it certainly means that!). The skills you learn will also help you to negotiate a great bonus and an excellent benefits package, and to negotiate the right environment and opportunities for you to grow your skills.

In Section One, Getting the Offer you'll learn how to:
Write a resume that will get you an interview
Find the job openings for your dream job
Interview well for the job
Get the employer to put an offer for you dream job on the table and how to respond to the offer

In Section Two, Negotiating Compensation you'll learn how to:
Prepare for the negotiation
Use pressure points to improve the offer
Use Power Negotiating Gambits to get a top compensation package
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