Sekret Machines Book 1: Chasing Shadows

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2016
17 hours 45 minutes
The witnesses are legion, scattered across the world and dotted through history, people who looked up and saw something impossible lighting up the night sky. What those objects were, where they came from, and who-or what-might be inside them is the subject of fierce debate and equally fierce mockery, so that most who glimpsed them came to wish they hadn't.

Most, but not everyone.

Among those who know what they've seen, and are forever changed by it, are a pilot, an heiress, a journalist, and a prisoner of war. From the waning days of the twentieth century's final great war to the fraught fields of Afghanistan to the otherworldly secrets hidden amid Nevada's dusty neverlands-the truth that is out there will propel each of them into a labyrinth of otherworldly technology and the competing aims of those who might seek to prevent-or harness-these beings of unfathomable power. Because, as it turns out, we are not the only ones who can invent and build . . . and destroy.

Featuring actual events and other truths drawn from sources within the military and intelligence community, Tom DeLonge and A. J. Hartley offer a tale at once terrifying, fantastical, and perhaps all too real.
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Sean McConville

Absolutely loved this book and the narration is top notch.

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Brendan C.

Enjoyable listen as a sci-fi novel and everything was fine except the initial conspiracy "this might be real" nonsense and the slight Nazi tech reverence in the book. Though operation paperclip did obviously happen it still leaves a history channel bad taste in the mouth. It's many short stories at different times coming together is exciting but can be hard to follow if you don't hear the short chapter intro. Definitely quite heavy at times (Nazi holocaust) but humorous at other points too.

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Awesome Book! Loved it! This sort of sci-fi fiction is engaging and addictive. Narration was good too ..

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Takes waaaay to long developing the plot, keeps adding characters who then never show up again. All n all, tries to hard on all levels

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William Troyk

Too many story lines and characters and hard to follow.

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Amber S.

Very dry and hard to listen to. Don’t waste your time.

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