The Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Written by:
T. E. Lawrence
Narrated by:
Ralph Lister

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
27 hours 42 minutes
The Seven Pillars of Wisdom is T. E. Lawrence’s memoir of his involvement in leading a portion of the Arab revolt against the Ottoman empire during the first World War. The Ottomans had joined the side of Germany and the Central Powers in the war, and Britain hoped that a successful revolt would take them out of the war effort. Britain had also promised the Arabs that England would recognize a single Arab state. With the support of Emir Faisal and his tribesmen, T. E. Lawrence helped organize and carry out attacks on the Ottoman forces from Aqaba in the south to Damascus in the north.

This memoir is a travelogue, philosophy treatise, and an action novel. It details Lawrence’s movements and actions during his two year involvement in the Arab revolt, and his thoughts—and doubts—during that time. It’s a gripping tale made famous by the movie Lawrence of Arabia, and one that Winston Churchill called “unsurpassable” as a “narrative of war and adventure.”
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T. E.

One of the most captivating autobiographical stories ever. As the title implies, there is actual wisdom in this book. I had no idea how good a writer T. E. Lawrence was. Ralph Lister's narration is so spot on I felt like I was listening to Lawrence himself.

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Amazing blow-by-blow of Laurence of Arabia’s adventures.

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