The Shadow Rising: Book Four of 'The Wheel of Time'

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2004
41 hours 18 minutes
The Wheel of Time is now an original series on Prime Video, starring Rosamund Pike as Moiraine!

In The Shadow Rising, the fourth novel in Robert Jordan’s #1 New York Times bestselling epic fantasy series, The Wheel of Time®, Rand al’Thor now wields the sword Callandor. He is both the Champion of Light and the Dragon Reborn. Now, he seeks answers to another prophecy that lies with the warrior people known as the Aiel to put him on the path of learning how to wield the One Power.

Accompanied by Moiraine Damodred, Rand arrives at the Aiel Waste and is granted permission by the Wise Ones to enter the sacred city of Rhuidean. After passing through a doorframe ter'angreal, Moiraine gains foresight while the Aiel await Rand's return, either with both arms marked by dragon symbols, validating his identity as He Who Comes With the Dawn, the Chief of Chiefs of all the Aiel—or to never emerge at all.

Since its debut in 1990, The Wheel of Time® has captivated millions of readers around the globe with its scope, originality, and compelling characters. The last six books in series were all instant #1 New York Times bestsellers, and The Eye of the World was named one of America's best-loved novels by PBS's The Great American Read.

The Wheel of Time®
New Spring: The Novel
#1 The Eye of the World
#2 The Great Hunt
#3 The Dragon Reborn
#4 The Shadow Rising
#5 The Fires of Heaven
#6 Lord of Chaos
#7 A Crown of Swords
#8 The Path of Daggers
#9 Winter's Heart
#10 Crossroads of Twilight
#11 Knife of Dreams

By Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson
#12 The Gathering Storm
#13 Towers of Midnight
#14 A Memory of Light

By Robert Jordan and Teresa Patterson
The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time

By Robert Jordan, Harriet McDougal, Alan Romanczuk, and Maria Simons
The Wheel of Time Companion

By Robert Jordan and Amy Romanczuk
Patterns of the Wheel: Coloring Art Based on Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time
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Nathan G.

excellent book! really gets you involved with the cultures of tear and the aiel. personally my favorite book in the whole series

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Wade Schultz

The story continues, although this one had some major things happening, there were several points that seemed to drag on. Also, for a plot driven story, this book did not have a strong, major conflict or resolution. The characters are developing, and that is fun to experience, and the world and the history here continues to grow in intrigue. I am still enjoying the overarching story and am hopeful that the next one starts trying more things together before opening everything back up. One thing that has been bothering me is something that bothered me in Thomas Covenant, that is that the main hero is imbued with incredible power, but though he is rarely able to make good use of it, when things get to an impossibly challenging level, he dues ex machinas it all away

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ryan morrison

The Wheel of Time series is an outstanding story. Robert Jordan does a fantastic job painting the world around his cjaracters and immersing you in the story. The narrators of this audiobook, however, leave a lot to be desired. Additionally, the quality of the audiobook is very lacking with frequent skips and distortions similar to listening to a CD with several scratches.

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Jerimey Howard

This book was fantastic, I am so into the wheel of Time series Robert Jordan is an epic story teller that keeps on fascinating me a new

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Jessica White

Great book! I've read Robert Jordan's wheel of time series before and now I'm listening to them while at work. It really helps to pass the time and I much prefer it to listening to music. The only issue I have is with the quality. There are several skips in places like listening to a bad cd. The narrators are not what I would want but what are you going to do? 9/10 would recommend.

Profile Avatar
Brandon C

the story is continues as does some major plot points. Perrin starts his journey and truly becomes one if my all time favkrite characters. absolutely love the story and book. the 3* rating comes from the skips in the audio book. There are multiple occasions where it skips like a scrstched cd

Profile Avatar
Daniel M

I love the story telling.

Profile Avatar
David Evans

great experience. I couldn't stop listening to it.

Profile Avatar
Juanita Bates

Lover being able to listen to the book and the narration is so wonderful.

Profile Avatar
Rick Heidan

Great Series, I really enjoy listening to them and I can't stop listening

Profile Avatar
Graham Emch

The best so far, and that was unbelievable before reading.

Profile Avatar
Marco S.

Just fantastic

Profile Avatar
Linda B.

loved this book, I think it's my favorite in the series

Profile Avatar
Michael K.

Amazing book and wonderful narration. Character development is A+ and story is gripping.

Profile Avatar
May K.

splendid work

Profile Avatar

This series is forfilling and enjoyable. I'm on to book 5 of 15.

Profile Avatar
Denise H.

Of the four first books this is the best. So, not terrible but far from good. Don’t waste your time.

Profile Avatar
Ferdinando G.

Very butiful chapter of this long and interesting saga.

Profile Avatar

A lot happened in this book but it dragged in a few parts

Profile Avatar
Jordon L

A lot of interesting concepts for the world that Robert J has created. We see a lot of progression for Mat and Rand. A great listen.

Profile Avatar
Robby V

A great read. An even better listen.

Profile Avatar
Johannes B.

Love it with all my heart

Profile Avatar
Nick Caron

What more can I say? Michael Kramers voice AND Robert Jordans work. That just makes the books even better. Fantastic series

Profile Avatar
William W.

The book was told well and love the adventure and intrigue.

Profile Avatar
Thomas Baker

Book 4 is another great listen and the series is still going strong as far as I am concerned.

Profile Avatar
Michael Smith

It's a great story series with a great plot oh, very well written, and very entertaining. As for the narration it was really good has been for all the books previous as well.

Profile Avatar
Ryan B

great book

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Great book

Profile Avatar
Christian Haas

I love this book!!! I've read most and they would keep me up for nights

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