Shadows in the Daylight - Reworked

Shadows in the Daylight - Reworked

Written by:
Rachel Lawson
Narrated by:
Rachel Lawson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
0 hours 24 minutes
This is a highwayman story in Rachel Lawson's Stand and Deliver series.

In this the highwayman Jack (Justin) steals the heart of a Lady and plays Cupid.

“Justin, what was that about? What light on yonder window breaks-! Your eyes are like 2 twinkling silver stars!” shouted the Ghost. “She's a friend of mine! You know she hates me as much as I hate her! If I said Isabella give me your money I would be giving myself away and what about you the French Ghost” “I forgot who I was I knew the man with her, he's my friend Stephen Grimshaw. He's a minor poet and he's in love with the girl. He's been sending her love letters from what I've found out from being his go-between he uses the nom de plume of Silver Starr. She's fallen in love with her admirer now if I'm not mistaken she thinks you are him! This won't make Grimshaw happy at all!” the Ghost said. “He's not happy! How do you think I am I'm engaged to two women already why no go for the trifecta and have more people wanting to see me dancing on the stage at Tyburn!” Jack said turning his horse to face his cousin the Earl of Essex, “Robert what do you want me to do? Do we have make her hate me and love your friend he wants her I don't!” Jack said. “ Yes and it will be easy he's coming to my home she is too! They'll be at my party!” said the Earl. “Oh we can use that!” said Jack. “How Justin?” asked the Earl. “By making her hate me and love him!” said Jack. “Tell her who you are!” joked the Ghost, “Very funny it won't work,“ Jack said, “She'd lynch me herself!” “Fine, I'll supply the tree! The old oak out the front of my place would be perfect and I'll buy her a nice strong rope!” Joked the Ghost. “Who are you 2 planning to hang?” A soldier who they didn't see arrive asked the seriously,
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