Silenced: A #MeToo Fairytale

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
11 hours 2 minutes
Four women. Four enchantments. One man.

But he is no handsome prince, and this is no sugar-sweet fairy tale. Jo, Abony,

Ranjani, and Maia all have something in common: they have each been cursed by the CEO of their workplace after he abused his power to prey on them. He wants them silent and uses his sinister dark magic to keep them quiet about what he did.

But Jo, Abony, Ranjani and Maia are not fairy-tale princesses waiting to be rescued. They are fierce, angry women with a bond forged in pain, and they’re about to discover that they have power of their own.

In this sharply written, bitingly relevant modern fable, the magic is dark and damaging, and the women are determined to rescue themselves.
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