The Six-Figure Second Income: How To Start and Grow A Successful Online Business Without Quitting Your Day Job

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2011
7 hours 3 minutes
Proven methods for building an online income stream

Maybe you dream of making money with an online business, but haven't tried so far because you'd have to quit your current job and enter the risky world of Internet startups. Or because you think you need lots of capital and way too much time. Or you think the field is maxed out and overcrowded. Or that you need to be age twenty-four-with an amazing invention to sell. Or just because the economy's too bad right now.

If these reasons sound familiar, Dave Lindahl and Jon Rozek beg to differ. Having done so themselves, they know you can create a very significant side income online, and their new go-to guide The Six-Figure Second Income shows you exactly how!

Filled with common-sense advice and proven tips, this audio book supplies you with a complete toolbox to take the things you know or do best and sell them online for a profit-all in your spare time, working at your speed. You'll get a no-nonsense approach to creating and selling simple, effective information products that will, with time and work, produce a sizable income stream.

You'll also discover:
• Ten false barriers on your road to online business success
• Six very real dangers to your success
• Ready-made ideas for quick and profitable products
• Helpful tips for creating saleable content quickly and easily
• Seven building blocks of a good Web site
• Common marketing mistakes and their fixes
• How to use Google tools and other online resources to discover new trends and markets
• Secrets to creating an upward profit spiral

If for some reason you object to making money, don't listen to this audio book. Otherwise, pick up The Six-Figure Second Income and start building a rewarding and growing stream of online profits today!
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Daan M.

This book had me hooked in the first quarter. It gave the impression it was going to give out some actual steps to take to get started on getting a second income.. ..and suddenly it turned into a brochure full of things you can use to get your info product out to the world. To be completely honest I gave up at 80% of the book, but so much time had been spent zoomed in on irrelevant details I lost all faith the book would be able to make a comeback into useful information. I can't help but feel these guys started out writing the book the title promises, then got bogged down in chewing out all the details on making webcontent. While the book starts out taking you by the hand, with reachable examples like selling info products on 'growing tomatoes in Virginia', it proceeds to give you the tip to not sell videos of your seminars for 500 dollars when the ticketcost of the live event is 4000 dollars. So in the first chapters I am told how to start up a second income while being a regular Joe, and then all of a sudden I host 4000 per-ticket live events? Nonsense. I guess the book contains a warning against it's own lack of focus: it basically tells you how to sell old information as new. I guess should not be a surprise that it ends up doing just that. Narration is fine, although I cringe at any attempt at funny voices and impressions.

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Kyle B.

I’m sure this was a good book when it was released but a large amount of the content is outdated. In 10 years a lot changes.

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Cristian D.

Amazing, I wonder if the people who wrote horrible reviews can write something more realistic and approachable than this book. Simply great I encourage everyone to read it.

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Stephen M.

This is a fantastic book. Most business books offer vague, conceptual ideas on entrepreneurship. This book offers a practical, how-to guide to start from scratch and make money selling information. Narrated very well too!

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Adrienne V

Very basic and at some points seems very outdated. Filled with lots of common knowledge, not worth the read.

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Greg K

I enjoyed listening to the book. I'm ready for the next one. It's a good step in the right direction for learning how become financially free.

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Alphonso Mckenzie

I enjoyed what I heard...I ordered the book to implement the step by step online business!!!

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Antonio Hill

I felt like the insight is very good gives a great blueprint to doing business online and do's & don'ts!!

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