Sleep With Psalms: Meditate on God’s Word  (Vol. 1)

Sleep With Psalms: Meditate on God’s Word (Vol. 1)

Written by:
Psalms For Success
Narrated by:
Sash Xg
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
3 hours 38 minutes
Sleep With Psalms: Meditate on God's Word (Vol. 1) invites you on a transformative journey of solace and spiritual rejuvenation. Amid life's challenges and the hustle of a long day, this book serves as a sanctuary for the soul. Centered around the timeless wisdom found in the Psalms of the Bible, the narrative unfolds as a narrative of solace and spiritual rejuvenation. The book is more than a mere collection of sacred verses; it unfolds into a comprehensive guide that encompasses Guided Meditation, Mindfulness, Sleep, Morning Affirmations, and Motivation.

Guided Meditation

Readers and listeners will embark on a transformative journey of inner peace and self-discovery through the guided meditation sessions in Sleep With Psalms.


Sleep With Psalms integrates mindfulness techniques into its narrative, offering readers a practical and accessible approach to staying present in the moment. Through mindful exercises inspired by the Psalms, individuals can cultivate a heightened awareness of their thoughts and surroundings. 


For those seeking restorative sleep and a tranquil night's rest, the Sleep With Psalms book delivers soothing passages and contemplative reflections. The calming influence of the Psalms creates an environment conducive to restful sleep, ensuring that each night becomes a sacred opportunity for rejuvenation and spiritual replenishment.

Morning Affirmations

Wake up to positivity and purpose with the morning affirmations presented in Sleep With Psalms. These affirmations serve as a source of encouragement, fostering a mindset of gratitude, resilience, and faith.


The motivational insights within Sleep With Psalms act as a source of inspiration and empowerment. Grounded in the profound teachings of the Psalms, this section encourages readers to overcome challenges, pursue their goals, and embrace a life filled with purpose. 
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