Some of Your Blood

Written by:
Theodore Sturgeon
Narrated by:
Preston Geer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
4 hours 43 minutes
One of the Horror Writers Association's Top 40 Horror Books of All Time-the story of a troubled soldier and his bizarre, violent obsession with vampirism.

At the height of an unnamed war, a soldier is confined for striking an officer. Referred to as George Smith in official papers and records, the prisoner comes under the observation of Army psychiatrist Philip Outerbridge, who asks the young man to put his story down on paper. The result is a shocking tale of abuse, violence, and twisted love, a personal history as dark and troubling as any the doctor has ever encountered. Believing the patient to be dangerously psychotic, Dr. Outerbridge must dig deeper into his psyche. And when the truth about the strange case of George Smith is fully revealed, the results will be devastating.

Told through letters, transcripts, and case studies, Some of Your Blood is an extraordinary, poignant yet terrifying, genre-defying novel.
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