The Spider and the Scorpion

The Spider and the Scorpion

Written by:
Craig Martelle
Narrated by:
Chris Abernathy
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2024
6 hours 30 minutes
The spider hides, a friend to all by removing other bugs.

The scorpion is different. Ready to grab. Ready to sting. Ready to kill.

Both have landed on United States soil. Both are targeting the negotiators. Neither can succeed.

Ian and Jenny Bragg are contracted by the highest levels of the government. They can share none of the secrets they learn.

They have to do the job alone.

The contracted value is enough that they’ll never have to work again, but that’s not Ian’s plan. Ian and Jenny are taking care of a small army of employees. From The Club to their independent operators.

The cat and mouse of targets on opposite sides put Ian and Jenny right in the middle. Can they get to the hostile operators before the target is sanctioned? The Spider bites and the Scorpion stings. Ian and Jenny are caught in the crossfire.

In a business where cash is king, will the allure of a massive payday make the risk worthwhile? Or is the Vice President’s friendship worth the cost Ian and Jenny might have to pay?

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