Spin Selling

Written by:
Neil Rackham
Narrated by:
Bob Kalomeer

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2000
2 hours 59 minutes
How do some salespeople consistently outsell their competition? Why do closing techniques work in small sales but fail in larger ones? How can salespeople dramatically increase their sales volume from major accounts? If you're in sales--or if you manage a sales force--you need the SPIN strategy. Developed from 12 years of research into 35,000 sales calls, SPIN--Situation, Problem, Implication, Need-payoff--is already in use by many of the world's top sales forces. Now these revolutionary, easy-to-apply methods can be yours. With wit and authority, Neil Rackham explains why traditional sales models don't work for large sales. With supreme clarity, he unfolds the enormously successful SPIN strategy, using real-world examples and informative cases. You may find the techniques controversial; they often go against the grain of conventional sales training. In the end, the powerful evidence Rackham presents will convince and convert you.
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Robert Poole

Excellent resource for understanding the sales process and for preparing very good questions. I also like the fact that it is evidence based selling. I highly recommend it.

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Martin P.

The psychology of sales well described harder to implement.

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Great book!

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Kasparas M.

Great book worth every second. You can hear every mistake you make. Good for self analysis.

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I had a very hard time listening to this audiobook. (monotone) One thing that was very discouraging was that it was all one track. If you could not listen to the whole CD at one time, you can not pick up where you left off or skip to desired tracks. It has a lot of great facts about research on selling but lacks the techniques and information that you would actually use.

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