The Spyders: Book 1 and 2 Bundle

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
3 hours 34 minutes
What could possibly go wrong? When the Spyders are involved... plenty!

In Slither Me Timbers, the first book in the Spyders chapter books series, spider siblings Curt, Gracey, and Thaddeus Spyder become pirates on the high seas, make a very unlikely friend, defeat the most dreaded enemy of all garden creatures, and then use science and creativity to make it safely home before dinner.

Next, in Take Your Kids to Work, they fear they will have to stay at the school with the principal again when all the other kids get to enjoy learning about the jobs their parents do. But the Spyder parents, Martha and Harold, are spies. Taking their kids to work could be dangerous! To the delight of their kids an exception is made and they do get to join their parents for a day. What follows is danger, adventure, and plenty of laughs.
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