Star Wars Jedi: Battle Scars

Written by:
Sam Maggs
Narrated by:
Sean Kenin Elias-Reyes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
10 hours 28 minutes
Cal Kestis leads the Stinger Mantis crew on an adventure set between Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and the highly anticipated Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Cal Kestis has built a new life for himself with the crew of the Stinger Mantis. Together, Cal’s crew has brought down bounty hunters, defeated Inquisitors, and even evaded Darth Vader himself. More important, Merrin, Cere, Greez, and faithful droid BD-1 are the closest thing Cal has had to a family since the fall of the Jedi Order. Even as the galaxy’s future grows more uncertain by the day, with each blow struck against the Empire the Mantis crew grows more daring.

On what should be a routine mission, they meet a stormtrooper determined to chart her own course with the help of Cal and the crew. In exchange for help starting a new life, the Imperial deserter brings word of a powerful, potentially invaluable tool for their fight against the Empire. And even better, she can help them get to it. The only catch—pursuing it will bring them into the path of one of the Empire’s most dangerous servants, the Inquisitor known as the Fifth Brother.

Can the Imperial deserter truly be trusted? And while Cal and his friends have survived run-ins with the Inquisitors before, how many times can they evade the Empire before their luck runs out?
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Definitely scratched the Fallen Order itch. A little bit steamy and decidedly queer, such good Merrin content that I worry for her safety in Jedi Survivor. The narrator did a good job of making the characters distinct and the dialogue felt true to the returning characters. I hope we’ll see this book referenced in the new game!

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B B.

fun little story, writing got a little repetitive from time to time but not bad. Narrator was spot on the whole time, voices and sound effects were great.

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