Stars in Your Eyes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
9 hours 54 minutes
The National Book Award-winning author of Felix Ever After delivers a beautifully tender story of two grumpy/sunshine, fake-dating actors navigating their love story both on and offscreen—perfect for fans of Casey McQuiston and Alexis Hall.

Logan Gray is Hollywood's bad boy—a talented but troubled actor who the public loves to hate. Mattie Cole is an up‑and‑coming golden boy, adored by all but plagued by insecurities.

When Logan and Mattie are cast as leads in a new romantic film, Logan claims that Matt has “zero talent,” sending the film’s publicity into a nosedive. To create positive buzz, the two are persuaded into a fake‑dating scheme—but as the two actors get to know their new characters, real feelings start to develop. 

As public scrutiny intensifies and old wounds resurface, the two must fight for their relationship and their love.
  A heartfelt, hopeful, and nuanced story about identity, healing, and growth.
Cast List: Logan - André Santana
Mattie - AJ Beckles
Main Article and Video Reader - Dani Martineck
Shaina Lively - Hannah Church
Angel - Avi Roque
Dave - George Newbern
Uwuhearts - Patryce Williams
Various Reporters - Sarah Mollo-Christensen
Amy Tanner - VyVy Nguyen
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