Starship Repo

Written by:
Patrick S. Tomlinson
Narrated by:
Alyssa Bresnahan

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2019
12 hours 5 minutes
Firstname Lastname is a no one with nowhere to go. With a name that is the result of an unfortnate clerical error and destined to be one of the only humans on an alien space station. That is until she sneaks aboard a ship and joins up with a crew of repomen (they are definitely not pirates). Now she's traveling the galaxy 'recovering' ships. What could go wrong?
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Rico S.

Excellent story and humor, follows in the universe of Gate Crashers. A mix of A Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and Excession gives you this beauty... Wish the Author will continue exploring that universe...

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Linda R.

Really loved this book. Wish TV would work it into a weekly series. It has all the Bells and Whistles of making a great weekly show. Loved that the author chose a woman again as the main character and gave us all sorts of colorful Descriptions to really get into the character’s head. Loved how we got to see her grow and mature. Her work mates were such a awesome array of characters from different planets and solar systems. Each with their unique quirks and ways of thinking. You will love this book but listen to Gate Crashers first it will enlighten you to the history before this book.

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